WiFi City - Building India's first Wi-Fi infrastructure in 25 cities across the country.

The VEECON ROK Corporation has been founded with one purpose: to bring high-speed internet to India. VEECON ROK proprietary technologies will deliver mesh Wi-Fi XL networks to Smart Cities across India, connecting its people to the world.

VEECON ROK wireless solutions combine on-the-shelf technologies from established vendors with emerging technologies and custom VEECON ROK Wi-Fi XL hardware, routers and software. This patented fusion of technologies is unique, and has resulted in the development of a proprietery Wi-Fi XL network that can span any topography and deliver high-speed internet that is reliable, durable, secure and cost-effective.

Why it works

  • VEECON ROK proprietery hardware/software solutions.
  • Designed for all environments. Mounting site conformal (e.g. lamp posts) anti- tamper housings. Various animal resistant enclosures.
  • Flexible and varied technologies for multi network connectivity in the absence of dense access point drops. Suitable for a large range of topography.
  • Incorporates emerging technologies where possible.
  • Custom routing, authentication and billing solutions.
  • Highly scalable. Can be built from a few large bandwidth internet connections or many low bandwidth connections with resilient operation.
  • Complete technical freedom and control over manufacturing.
  • All Wi-Fi technology is stress-tested via state-of-the-art RF simulation software.